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Be a backyard explorer and discover more about the hundreds of animals living in your local area.

Tiny bugs, beautiful butterflies, slugs, birds and lizards - you'll be amazed at what you find!

Wild Backyards makes it easy for you to identify your backyard finds, with photographs and user-friendly information of common species.

Then by uploading your photographs and sightings to the Online Wild Backyards site, you will be helping scientists track the many species throughout Brisbane, providing an invaluable record of our biodiversity.

Your sightings will be sent to the Atlas of Living Australia portal, an initiative to improve access to essential information on Australia's biodiversity.

Brisbane is recognised as the most biologically diverse capital city in Australia. As recently as 2005 the Queensland Museum discovered more than 300 new species and many rare species in the urban bushland throughout Brisbane. You could too!

Click here to see the field guides for the Wild Backyards species.

Wild Backyards is a partnership between Queensland Museum, the Atlas of Living Australia and Quest Newspapers.

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